When The Cost For Energy Gets Too High

When The Cost For Energy Gets Too High

The rising cost of utilities has seen many people look for ways to reduce their energy consumption.

There is much that can be done so as to consume less power.  You just need to know how.

Here are 7 handy tips to keep in mind.


Replace the old with the new.  Why? Because anything purchased more than 10 – 15 years ago will be drawing more energy than you think and costing you more than you know.


Incandescent bulbs cost a fortune to operate.  So replace them with fluorescent.  The initial investment may be high but you will be saving in the long term.

Size Matters

A small room does not need a big air-conditioner.  Period.  Keep the unit to scale relevant to the size of the area that it is installed.


Ensure you electric systems are cleaned and checked annually.  Clean filters are not only a must for your health.  They are crucial for the relevant equipment to maintain a high standard of efficiency as well.

Windows and Blinds

Keep them closed in the areas that are very sunny.  They keep a room cooler.

Plant trees

Yes.  Trees.  In front of your windows if you can.  Eventually, they will grow.  And the shade that they will create will cool your home, in turn cutting air-conditioning costs.


Control it.  There is no need to keep heating on all day.  The same can be said for cooling.  Use a timer so that either unit comes on when you need it too only.

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