Medical & Health

Medical & Health

In Cyprus health inspectors of the medical and public services of the Ministry of Health and the local authorities monitor the safety of food and drinking water quality. Food and drinking water are of high quality, absolutely safe and no food or water-born diseases occur.

Water is safe to drink in Cyprus, as water pollution is negligible and every home has fresh running drinking water. All the district water boards are in constant collaboration with the government health services and the general laboratory for the prevention of any toxicological and bacteriological infection of water. Tap water in hotels, restaurants, public premises, etc., is safe to drink.

Cyprus is also free from dangerous infectious diseases. There are no vaccination requirements for anyone travelling to Cyprus.

Cyprus is justifiably proud of its excellent health service. Hospitals are well equipped and function efficiently.
Government general hospitals and private clinics and hospitals are mostly concentrated in urban areas, while health centres and dispensaries function in the rural areas, providing a network to meet the medical needs of the whole population, which is reassuring for any potential purchaser of investment property in Cyprus.

All government general hospitals as well as some private clinics have accident and emergency departments.

Medical treatment and assistance is offered free of charge to international tourists. Outpatient and inpatient treatment is provided against payment of the prescribed fees, except in Southern Cyprus, where EU citizens can produce the E111 form, issued by their country's health care authorities.

Holidaymakers can also make use of their health insurance, which covers medical expenses, provided that this insurance covers the length of their stay on the island.

Almost all brands of manufactured medicines are available in Cyprus. However medication can be expensive. Make sure your insurance covers medicines.

Local newspapers list pharmacies that are open during the night and on weekends/holidays, as well as the names of doctors who are on call out of regular hours.

The majority of doctors have trained either in the UK or USA and consequently are English speaking.

Private doctors' visiting hours (on weekdays) are typically: 09:00-13:00 hrs and 16:00-19:00 hrs.

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