Making an Entrance

The way in which to set a tone in your home is down to subtle choices.

Like a door. 

They are not only functional.  They are decorative too.  And their design can have a dramatic influence on the look of a room.

So in your endeavour to select a door that portrays your personal style, take this into consideration.

1.       The look

Don’t be scared to be outrageous.  An eclectic mix and match of doors can create a dynamic sense of interior character.  Just be sure to keep too scale.  A big door can make a small room feel even tinier.

2.       The frame

Don’t neglect the framing.  You will simply spoil the charisma of the door.  Trying to go too cheap is akin to paying peanuts and getting monkeys.  Because quality comes at a cost.  You get where I’m going with this, right?   

3.       The swing

Be sure you place the handles on the side of the door that you want it to swing.  If you want a right-hand swing door, the handle needs to be placed on the right side of the door.  And in choosing which side you want the door to swing, keep in mind the words of the gurus of interior; it is a no no for a door to open into a hall or corridor.

4.       The type

The choice of doors is endless.  Sliding doors, panel doors, French doors or barn doors.   Be daring.  But make it you.

5.       The sound

What the door is made of determine how much or how little sound passes through.   STC – Sound Transmission Class.  Read about it.  Your ears may depend on it.

6.       The material

As in the type of door you choose, there also exists an infinite array of materials with which to construct it.  Solid Core.  Hollow Core.  MDF.  Solid Wood.  Metal.  Or glass.  Each comes with its own characteristics.  And cost.  So invest wisely.

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