Five Ways to Go Minimal

Five Ways to Go Minimal

The how-to of creating a minimalist home

Much of how we live life nowadays is inundated with things to do.   Time is consumed by activities that need to be ticked off a check-list.

And being that much of what we engage in is undertaken not only offline but online too, very little time is actually left over to focus on the space we live in.

As a result, clutter builds up until that space becomes just as busy with stuff as our lives are with activities that need to be done.

But here’s the thing.  That space, well, it really does need to be the one area where you can simply be.  That go-to place where all is calm and you find that you can breathe again.  

The chaos that accompanies clutter is a distraction.  The objective is therefore to keep the objects around you to a minimum.


Less Furniture

A few good pieces of furniture are better than a lot of pieces that serve no function.  So choose the pieces you love rather than those that everyone tells you need.  More than often, you don’t.

Clear Surfaces

Counter or table tops do not need to be filled to the brim with unnecessary things.  In a home that is minimalist; flat surfaces are generally free of any objects.  This is not however a hard rule and in fact quite boring.  Therefore, a statement piece, be it artwork or even a vase, will add character to an otherwise lacklustre space.


Keep it simple.  A design or pattern that is too complex can be over-stimulating.  The use of solid colours and tone is therefore key in creating a calming effect.


Going bare is about as minimalistic as you can get.  However, if you insist on a window covering, simplicity and lightness are essential.  


Pack your things away.  Period.

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