Eight Predictions For Home Interior Designs Trends

Eight Predictions For Home Interior Designs Trends

Interior design is like any other art, it evolves.

Sometimes radically.

Sometimes conservatively.

Whatever direction it takes though, there is something that will suit someone, always.

I decided to do a little digging to see where this creative field is heading in 2014 and this is what I found.

  1. Tiles are still in.  What’s changed however is the choice of tile.  Because it would seem that metal and other sheet material like glass, stone slab and stainless steel is all the rage.
  2. There still remains that room in the house that is there for the man to do with what he pleases.  What’s changed however is that this room is no longer hidden.  It is one with the rest of the house rather than in the garage or the basement as what was once the norm.
  3. Black is in.  As in black doors.  And black walls.  Inside and out.  Combined with white fixtures.  Very contemporary. 
  4. Smart phones.  Smart homes.  Yes.  Applications of all sorts to control all sorts in the home are surging in popularity.  Just about everything is being upgraded to keep up with technological advancements, ranging from lighting to locks to appliances.
  5. Green is what you should be aiming for.  But not in terms of colour.  In terms of eco-friendly.  There is a switch to all things that work towards saving the environment rather than eating away at its resources.  So traditional grass that uses too much water? Out.  Synthetic lawn? In.  Just one example.
  6. Keeping in line with the natural trend, wood is back.  Why use paint when the restoration of or use of wood is simply, well, beautiful. 
  7. A toilet is not just a toilet anymore.  Nope.  That’s because the urinal is reportedly creeping out of the public arena and into the home.  Not sure whether all men would agree that this is a trend to follow what with their love for a toilet seat and reading material.  But time will tell.
  8. What once was the t.v. room is now being redesigned so as to adapt to the requirements of all things virtual such as Wii or other such devices.

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