Cyprus brief history

Cyprus brief history

Cyprus is an island whose rich dramatic history can be traced back over 10,000 years. Cyprus has been so coveted over the centuries that it has been invaded and claimed by a fascinating mixture of civilizations from near and far all of which have left their culture and shaped its character.

The archaeology of Cyprus can be traced from the Neolithic Age through the Ancient Greek and Roman periods to more recent history. It is where churches and monasteries still stand from Byzantine times, castles and palaces from the days of Crusaders and Frankish Lusignans and splendid city walls from Venetian days.

The mythical gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece, who indulged themselves in sport pleasure and tragedy, chose Cyprus. It is where Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, emerged from the Paphos foam to become a famous cult figure - centre of attraction for the first visitors who flocked to the island to worship her.

With such a historic and legendary background it is hardly surprising that Cyprus has developed a character that is quite unique. It is blessed with natural beauty that ranges from golden beaches and rugged coastlines to rolling hills and forest clad mountains, dotted with picturesque villages.

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