Because Size Does Matter - Interior Space

Because Size Does Matter - Interior Space

The property market has ensured that we aren’t left with much of it nowadays. And let’s be honest, size does count. So what do you do when faced with the challenge of making something small appear that much bigger? You do some of this.

1. MIRRORS Use them. Big mirrors on small walls. A match made in spatial heaven. All of a sudden those walls seem bigger; clutter somehow becomes less, well, cluttered; and light becomes amplified adding brightness that wasn’t there before.

2. HEIGHT Nothing worse than low ceilings cramping your style. So add a little hue to make short appear tall. Blurring walls into ceilings by painting them the same colour makes that tiny space feel larger. Automatically.

3. BULK Your choice of furniture is essential. The scale of each item that is. Too big makes your space feel too small. So use furniture that has legs for instance which leaves the floor visible. And make it multifunctional. Think Ottoman. Coffee table or sitting area. Win. And win.

4. COLOUR Light is friend, bold is foe. Anything too dark will halve the size of what is already a tiny space. So keep hues off-white or at the very least light or pastels. And if you opt for wallpaper, keep it simple. Too busy and you shrink your room. Instantly.

5. PACK IT UP Make use of storage that can be hidden away. Minimalism is key in making tiny feel airy. So tidy up. Because mess will make you lose the war on space.

6. UNNECESSARY DETAILS Avoid them. For instance, ruffles are a no. Shades (blinds) are a yes. And if you use draperies, keep them simple or panelled. Remember. Minimalism.

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