And Then There Was Light

And Then There Was Light

Lighting is all too often neglected when designing a home.

What you need to remember is that lighting not only sets the mood of a room but also serves a function so choosing what lights to install is critical.

And with this in mind, here are 6 things you need to remember.

1 Decisions decisions decisions

Decide what each room will be used for and then choose the appropriate lighting so as to be sure that it will serve the function it needs to or set the tone you want.

2 One light is not enough

Multiple light sources will allow a range of functions to be achieved.  For example, lights under a counter will help you see better.  The same can be said for a reading light or a floor lamp next to a couch. 

3 Mirror lighting

Where there are mirrors, be sure that the lighting is free from shadows.  And that it doesn’t glare.

4 Recessed lighting

Otherwise known as “can” light fixtures because of the metal recessed can that is inserted into the ceiling into which the light fixture fits.  These are great for high ceilings or in homes that incorporate modern interior design.

5 Chandeliers

These have been a trending choice for some time now.  Thing is, what needs to be remembered is to choose a chandelier that is to date, not outdated.  And be sure that what you select fits in with the décor that will surround it.  

6 Nurseries

If you have kids, or plan on having kids, night lights are a must.  Besides helping you navigate toys on the floor that when tread on feel like you’re being stabbed repeatedly in the foot (been there, done that, pre-night light), this type of lighting will also help your child feel less scared.

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