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Eight Predictions For Home Interior Designs Trends In 2014

Interior design is like any other art, it evolves. Sometimes radically. Sometimes conservatively. Whatever direction it takes though, there is something that will suit someone, always. I decided to do a little digging to see where this creative field is heading in 2014 and this is what I found. Tiles are still in.  What’s changed however is the choice of tile.  Because it would seem that metal and other sheet material like glass, stone slab and stainless steel is all the rage. There still remains that room in the house that is there for the man to do with what he please... Read More

When The Cost For Energy Gets Too High

The rising cost of utilities has seen many people look for ways to reduce their energy consumption. There is much that can be done so as to consume less power.  You just need to know how. Here are 7 handy tips to keep in mind. Electronics Replace the old with the new.  Why? Because anything purchased more than 10 – 15 years ago will be drawing more energy than you think and costing you more than you know. Lightbulbs Incandescent bulbs cost a fortune to operate.  So replace them with fluorescent.  The initial investment may be high but you will be saving in the l... Read More

And Then There Was Light

Lighting is all too often neglected when designing a home. What you need to remember is that lighting not only sets the mood of a room but also serves a function so choosing what lights to install is critical. And with this in mind, here are 6 things you need to remember. 1 Decisions decisions decisions Decide what each room will be used for and then choose the appropriate lighting so as to be sure that it will serve the function it needs to or set the tone you want. 2 One light is not enough Multiple light sources will allow a range of functions to be achieved.  For example, lights... Read More

Because Size Does Matter - Interior Space

Interior Space The property market has ensured that we aren’t left with much of it nowadays. And let’s be honest, size does count. So what do you do when faced with the challenge of making something small appear that much bigger? You do some of this. 1. MIRRORS Use them. Big mirrors on small walls. A match made in spatial heaven. All of a sudden those walls seem bigger; clutter somehow becomes less, well, cluttered; and light becomes amplified adding brightness that wasn’t there before. 2. HEIGHT Nothing worse than low ceilings cramping your style. So add a little hue to... Read More


The way in which to set a tone in your home is down to subtle choices. Like a door.  They are not only functional.  They are decorative too.  And their design can have a dramatic influence on the look of a room. So in your endeavour to select a door that portrays your personal style, take this into consideration. 1.       The look Don’t be scared to be outrageous.  An eclectic mix and match of doors can create a dynamic sense of interior character.  Just be sure to keep too scale.  A big door can make a small room feel ... Read More

Five Ways to Go Minimal

The how-to of creating a minimalist home Much of how we live life nowadays is inundated with things to do.   Time is consumed by activities that need to be ticked off a check-list. And being that much of what we engage in is undertaken not only offline but online too, very little time is actually left over to focus on the space we live in. As a result, clutter builds up until that space becomes just as busy with stuff as our lives are with activities that need to be done. But here’s the thing.  That space, well, it really does need to be the one area where you can simp... Read More